Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Actions Speak Louder

Kindle Romance book review

Author - Rosemarie Naramore
Title     - Actions Speak Louder
Stars   - 4

Actions Speak Louder:
When Marcia married, she thought it was for life. Regrettably, her husband had other ideas. At the age of thirty-two, Marcia divorces. Her interest in DIY encourages her to purchase a hardware store.

Ethan moves next door and begins to refurbish it, but she’s not interested. He is charming, considerate, and easy on the eyes, but Marcia isn’t looking for a relationship. She’s nervous of men, thanks to her ex, who crushed her self-confidence.

Can Ethan persuade Marcia he’s nothing like her ex? Can he prove to her that she can trust him? And most important, can he win her love?

Actions Speak Louder contains all the essentials of a good romance. There is realistic action, good dialogue and effective characterization. Actions Speak Louder is a book that makes you understand why you read in the first place. I recommend picking this one up for a captivating, pleasurable, and thought provoking read.

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