Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Detective's Accidental Baby

Kindle Romance - book review

Author - Jacqueline Diamond
Title     - The Detective's Accidental Baby
Stars   - 4

The Detective's Accidental Baby:
Erica may work at a fertility clinic, but having a baby has never been in her plans. When a one-night stand with handsome private detective, Sherlock Vaughn, leads to an unforeseen pregnancy, Erica decides on the next logical step.
Being a father has never been part of Sherlock's tight schedule. However, Sherlock understands how it feels to be discarded, and no way is he giving away his child for adoption. If Erica isn't prepared for parenthood, he'll go it alone - apart from the fact he knows nothing about being a father. Fertility nurse Erica will just have to train the single father-to-be, and hope she can hang on to her heart while doing so.

The Detective's Accidental Baby is a warm tale, which, together with good dialogue and competent writing, always heralds a good read.

The pairing of two people not yet ready to be an item, and not prepared to raise a child together makes The Detective's Accidental Baby a romance that will jerk tears. Medical romance fans will appreciate Jacqueline Diamond's warm baby makes three tale.

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