Sunday, 18 March 2012


Kindle Romance

Author - Kelly Wallace
Title - Hellraiser
Stars - 3

When Dr Zach Taylor starts a new job he finds that the elderly male doctor he expected to find, is a female paediatrician who wins over her young patients by wearing outlandish outfits. At first Zach is fuming mad, knowing he has been set up, but decides the shock treatment will do him some good. Although he's off women because of a painful divorce,, he can't deny that Dr Sam Winslow is interesting.

An eternal carer, Sam can't help but add Zach's anguished heart to her list of pressing cases. Moreover, she has to admit that the man is attractive and has her libido turning somersaults.

Hellraiser is basically a good story that is let down with detail.

It is interesting how Sam and Zach relate when they first meet, and the sex is hot, as you would expect with an erotic romance. However, I’m not quite sure why the title is Hellraiser - it has little to do with the story and neither of the central characters could be considered a hellraiser

Part of the detail that lets the book down, is the editing. It is a little substandard. I suspect the author changed the genders of the central characters at some point, and forgot to change some of the ‘he’ and ‘she’, etc. Hellraiser is not actually a bad read, but is only just okay.

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