Monday, 2 May 2011

The Model Mistress

Kindle Romance

Author - Sorcha MacMurrough
Price   - $7.99

Martin Jerome has been a shadow of his former self ever since he and his new bride were attacked by highwaymen on their wedding night four years before. The dark secrets of that fateful evening have haunted Martin ever since. 

Martin finds himself seeking out an alluring widow's company more and more. Both secretly ache for the other. Both know the potential consequences of becoming lovers in their rigid society.



Martin Jerome is a intriguing character. From his intense arrival in the first novel of the series, The  Mistress, he has been evolving, and is now on the verge of love. - The book is longer than many, and worth every minute. It is a delightful and touching story, with characters that you immediately empathise with.

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