Saturday, 28 May 2011

One Forbidden Evening

Kindle Romances

Title     - One Forbidden Evening
Author - Jo Goodman
Stars    - 4

As the masked ball draws to a close, Cybelline Caldwell yields to the embrace of a mysterious aficionado. By morning the shameless temptress turns back into a rational woman preparing to leave all memories behind. Yet temptation follows.

For Christopher Hollins, Earl of Ferrin, the infamous libertine she so brashly confronted, vows to demonstrate to her that one night is never enough. It takes ingenuity, but Ferrin unearths the identity of his clandestine lover.

He discovers she is not only a lady of mystery but a lady in jeopardy, pursued by a pitiless enemy. Unable to blot out the memory of her in his arms, Ferrin realizes that in order to win her, he has to unearth and remove the terrible enigmas that are shadowing her.
The spiral in the story, such as it was, was easy to spot before it was reached, yet it was still a fulfilling read. Goodman's historical precision seems fairly accurate and the situation works well. An enjoyable read.

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