Saturday, 28 May 2011

Her Secret BodyGuard

Kindle Romance

Author - Misha Crews
Title - Her Secret Bodyguard
Stars - 5

Her Secret Bodyguard:
When Special Forces veteran Caleb McKenna is covertly appointed to guard her, he believes that Blake is simply one more beautiful person whose only pursuits involve sun, pleasure, or retail-therapy.
However, he comes to see there is actually more to her than big blue eyes and a killer smile. When he falls for her, there is a chance that it will endanger his job and quite possibly her life.
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Her Secret Bodyguard absorbs you right from the start. The grip on you tightens as ambiguity tangles with the fire of romance. Misha Crews skillfully builds on the characters and subversions, until finally, she brings the novel to its dramatic conclusion.

A book well worth reading.


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