Wednesday, 4 May 2011

In The Mood

Kindle Romances

Author - Ellen Fisher
Price   - $0.99

Jude Patterson is a reserved romance novelist who realizes the fancy language he's always used in historical love scenes doesn't transform well in contemporary romances. Alyssa Stone is an attractive admirer who agrees to help him write passionate scenes.

Jude is captivated by Alyssa, whose assured and sexual attitude hides a susceptible core. Before long, he's the one disclosing how to write scenes with steam... and maybe how to produce happy endings.

In essence, these are two adequately portrayed characters, each with a problem to unravel. The crux of the story focuses on how they might benefit each other. The ending is perhaps foreseeable, but this is romance, not suspense or mystery. Displaying how they reach a blissful end is how this writer entertains. The story might have been better, had it been longer. However, it is only 99 cents so can we expect more? I think it good value for money.

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