Monday, 27 February 2012

Irresistible Forces

Kindle Romance book review

Author - Brenda Jackson
Title     - Irresistible Forces
Stars   - 2.5

Irresistible Forces:
Of the business suggestions financial tycoon Dominic Saxon has ever heard, an offer of a week of astonishing sex on a picturesque Caribbean island is the most tempting. All Taylor Steele wants in return is for Dominic to father her baby. No obligations, just an equally rewarding arrangement. For a man with no aim of marrying, it sounds perfect.

Taylor is desperate for a baby, but not a long-term association. Handsome and brainy, Dominic seems like textbook genetic material. Their "procreation vacation" is a tumultuous round of sensual pleasure. However, at the end, will either of them be able to say farewell?

Irresistible Forces missed the mark for me. I became weary of reading how gorgeous, impeccable, and rich they both were, and how much they desired each other. There was no hint of a relationship emerging, and to be honest I can’t help being puzzled that Dominic can carry on lovemaking all night like superman.

Although the writing in Irresistible Forces is passable, the information dump can be off-putting. The dialogue isn’t too great but goes with the book.

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