Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Eye of the Beholder - an Erotic Romance

Kindle Romance book review

Author - Emma Jay
Title     - Eye of the Beholder
Stars   - 4 

Eye of the Beholder:
In Victorian England, Grayson, merely the youngest son of a baron, lives a dual life. During the day, as an artist he paints sensual and explicit pictures. By evening, he goes to balls where enthusiastic mothers push their daughters at him. Lately, he speculates what it would be like to paint one of the virginal upper class young women.
Sarah is weary of her mother urging her toward potential husbands, when it’s evident no man desires her. In search of funds to support her dreams of travel, Sarah responds to an advert for an artist’s model, not realising how she’ll be posing, or how much she’ll enjoy it.
Grayson becomes preoccupied with his new model and chases her in society, as he fights to keep his distance in the studio. What will Sarah do when she learns the truth?

The characters in Eye of the Beholder are creatively formed and well written.
The story is full of steamy sex scenes. It was a short read but so erotically intense that it needs no more. Eye of the Beholder gets straight to the point, which is probably what every reader of erotic novel is looking for.

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