Monday, 20 February 2012

Babies in the Bargain

Kindle Romance

Author - Mona Risk
Title     - Babies in the Bargain
Stars   - 4

Babies in the Bargain:
Dr. Holly Collier does not intend anyone interfering with her tight medical training program With only one year left to fulfil her tuition, it is vital to complete it on time. The only problem is Dr. Marc Suarez, the hospital heartthrob, who broke her heart seven years ago.

When an catastrophe transforms Marc into a surrogate father to his nephew, Holly yields to her maternal instincts and turns her well-defined life upside down for the orphan. Can she learn to trust Marc and believe in true love?

Babies in the Bargain is an old-school, warm romance. Marc is captivating and hard to resist. Holly is a sympathetic person. Her readiness to assist Marc, regardless of her feelings for him, is engaging. Romance flourishes among heartbreak.

Babies in the Bargain yanks at the core and stirs feelings. The only drawback is some of the facts need more research, but still a good read all round.

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