Sunday, 30 December 2012

It's In His Kiss

Kindle Romance Book Review

Author - Mallory Kane
Title     - It's In His Kiss
Stars   - 3.5

It's In His Kiss
Cat and her fiancé finish on a sour note and she is out of a place to live. As usual, her friend Michael is there to help her through it and pick up the pieces. He and Cat have been friends most of their lives, and it seems only natural for Michael to suggest that Cat stay in his apartment until she finds a place of her own. Neither one of them is primed for the fire that ignites between them.
Cat is afraid that if she falls for Michael, she'll screw it up like she always does. Michael is fearful she'll never love him as much as he loves her.
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It's In His Kiss is an okay book, but I felt like Cat bleated too much. While the story is acceptable, for me, the book failed to get something vital going, giving an impression that there is insufficient strength in the detail. There are a few minor editing errors, which need to be ironed. Sex scenes are thin and not raunchy.

However, if you enjoy a light read with a happily ever after, then It's In His Kiss might be for you.

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