Monday, 14 May 2012

The Millionaire's Nanny

Kindle Romance

Author - Carol Grace
Title     - The Millionaire's Nanny
Stars   - 3

The Millionaire's Nanny

Maggie is resolved to be the textbook nanny, and gives her all. Nothing in the tuition at Nanny School prepared her for the child’s sensual father. Garrett is her employer for heaven’s sake and off-limits according to the Nanny Book of Unbreakable Rules.

She can handle any childhood crisis, but how can she preserve her distance when passion zings between them every time Garrett is close?

Garrett is angry at the nanny agency for sending Maggie. The last thing he needed was a beautiful woman in his house. He’d given his heart to one before, and he wasn’t going to let that happen again. However, Christmas is approaching and Maggie has already brought a cosy, womanlike atmosphere into his home and Garrett finds his self-control weakening.

 Product Details

The Millionaire's Nanny is a relaxing romance that is an okay way to pass a summer afternoon. Make ready for a pleasant read. 

The Millionaire's Nanny isn’t original, and you might guess how the story is going to end, but sometimes it's nice to read a love story from beginning to end and wish that these things actually happen. The characters are likeable and the dialogue realistic. In general, a gentle read.

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