Saturday, 19 May 2012

All Of You

Kindle Romance
Author - Kelsey Maxwell
Title     - All Of You
Stars   - 4 

All Of You:
Sukie has got over breast cancer, a change in jobs and survived a neighbourhood of nosy people.

Will she be able to live through the agonizing lure of the local hockey hero who has been in possession of her heart since childhood? Can she survive the one night of passion they’ve promised each other, without getting hurt?

Product Details

All Of You is not built on bizarre situations or intricate plot lines; it is just good old fashioned romance with tasteful sex.
The dialogue of All Of You is realistic and character development good. Most characters are quite well portrayed, but Sukie comes across as a person you want to hold in your arms and make your best friend.

All Of You is a feel-good story that you will probably enjoy.

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