Friday, 19 August 2011

Street Justice Charlie's Angel

Kindle Romance

Author - Samantha Fury
Price   - $0.99

Charlie's life in Ohio is ordinary and consistent. When her dad loses his job, fighting becomes an every day event. Moving in with her sister only makes matters worse. Her life is turned upside down.

In a desperate attempt to find a safe haven, she ends up on the streets of Chicago. She's introduced to a different kind of world. A place where crime lords and women of the night come out to play. Charlie finds herself at the mercy of Rico DeLusa, a local crime king.

When she begins having feelings for one of Rico's employees, Angel Blackwell, she wonders if she's out of her element. 

Is she being drawn into their world, instead of being a light in a dark place? Blackmail, prostitution and drugs were never a part of her life, but they are now.

Charlie finds herself in the middle of a fight between good and evil. She needs the strength to overcome, the wisdom to make the right choices, and the insight to follow what is right Instead of listening to her heart

A delightful story that can take the grime of Chicago and leave you feeling that sanctity can be reached by everyone, no matter their circumstance. Simmering beneath the fundamental missive, is a romance and vibrant account that keeps you wondering what will happen next with Charlie and her attraction to Angel...

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