Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hot Flash

Kindle Romance

Author - Kathy Carmichael
Price   - $6.15

Determined single mother, Jill, sets out to find and marry a travelling salesman. By doing so, she hopes for a life consisting of a week of marital bliss, followed by three weeks alone while her new husband is out of town.

However, Davin is opposite to the man Jill is searching for. He is an elementary school teacher who refuses to behave the way she wants. Jill isn't sure if she can keep up the protests because his kiss is electric and he won't be daunted. Suffering from hot flash after hot flash, she's dubious about saying no while her hormones scream yes.

 Product Details
'Hot Flash' is full of laughs, and loads of zany conniving by Jill as she tries to find that one man who can make her dreams of financial security come true. The hot teacher who has a bit of a long standing infatuation with Jill, brings quite a bit of spice to enhance Jill's life. This is one of those cases when the head and the heart do not agree, so that a good story unfolds - making this book is an ideal light beach read.

This is light-hearted romance that is worth a read.

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