Monday, 29 August 2011

Dancing in the Moonlight

Kindle Romance

Author - Raeanne Thayne

Magdalena has come home, but although she wants be alone, gorgeous Dr Jake Dalton - of the rival Daltons - doesn’t seem ready to play the game. She needed him to, because the protective wall she has built, is dangerously close to crumbling each time he is near.

Jake has spent most of his life trying to get close to Maggie, with little to show for it. She is the woman he always wanted, and no injury in the world can change it. Now if only he can convince her she is beautiful, desirable, and meant to be his.

Although the storyline of Dancing in the Moonlight is perhaps fairly obvious, it is well written. The central characters are charming and congenial.

Dancing in the Moonlight is more than an insubstantial romance, there is sharpness, and a funny side to it as well - with a message that if we're lucky enough to be given another chance in life, we should seize it.

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