Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Slow Hands

Kindle Romance

Author - Leslie Kelly
Price   - Free (was $4.99)

Maddy, civilized society girl, makes a bid on sexy Jake at a charity bachelor auction, and wins. The problem is Maddy is aware that Jake has a grubby secret. It ought to stop her from testing out her new acquisition, yet she can't help herself from indulging in raw, primitive sex.

Jake is completely taken up with Maddy. How can this provocative woman soften so enthusiastically one moment, then turn into a supercilious doyenne the next? He is determined to establish just what Maddy’s intentions are.

If you are expecting adventure drama and action, then forget this book. There was plenty of talk-talk, lots of well written sentiment and passion, but you don’t come away from the book feeling excited by it. There was no great suspense to keep you turning those pages.

It was all right - okay - just a fundamental, happy ever after story.

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