Friday, 25 April 2014

Kindle Romances: Between Now And Forever by Barbara Freethy

Kindle Romances

Title     - Between Now And Forever
Author - Barbara Freethy
Stars    - 4

Between Now And Forever
Ryan was a good-looking, self-assured teenager. When they met, he filled Nicole with inspiration, pledging her, a life of bliss. However, faced with hurdles greater than they thought possible, their love stuttered. What had once been inconceivable became a reality, and their blissful eternity ended.
Now, an incident compels them together, exposing their true feelings. They have to confront each other and come to terms with their passions, because survival depends on it, not only their lives, but the life of their six-year-old child.
A dangerous trek finds Nicole and Ryan in a place where miracles can happen. However, to achieve that miracle, they must learn how to trust and love each other again. Only then will they be able to save their family and find their way to happiness.

Between Now And Forever (Callaways, #4)

A fast and enjoyable book with characters that are well-rounded, agreeable and true to life. The plot runs well, draws you in - and keeps interest at a high level throughout the story.

There are a few typos but they don’t distract from the story.

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