Sunday, 23 March 2014

Kindle Romances: She Can Hide by Melinda Leigh

Kindle Romances

Title     - She Can Hide
Author - Melinda Leigh
Stars   - 5

She Can Hide
When Ethan rescues Abby from freezing waters, he feels there is more to her than she has on show, but Abby cannot remember the accident that pitched her car in the icy river.

Three years ago, Abby was kidnapped and dumped in a well. The farcical police investigation nearly cost her, her life. Abby relocated to Pennsylvania for a new beginning, but it becomes increasingly clear that her car crash was not a coincidence, and she recognizes that the brutality from her history has finally caught up.

The problem is, Abby’s attacker was convicted and jailed, so who else wants her dead?

Ethan discovers a string of homicides entwined in Abby’s history, and someone seems prepared to annihilate her because of it. Abby eventually trusts Ethan enough to reveal what is happening… and her true feelings. However, to put an end to the killings, Ethan has to make a choice that could endanger them all.

She Can Hide

She Can Hide is a racy thriller with nerve-jangling suspense, and well-developed subplots linking to the main story.

There is always an element of surprise, central characters are realistic, and dialogue convincing. The descriptive writing also makes it easy to picture the setting in your mind's eye. This book was a page turner that I appreciated.

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