Saturday, 20 April 2013

Waking Up Married

Kindle Romance 

Title - Waking Up Married
Author - Mira Lyn Kelly
Stars - 4

Waking Up Married:
Daylight after her cousin's party and Megan wakes up with the worst hangover of her life. Ashamed of her behaviour, she finds she’s in a stranger's apartment… who turns out to be her new, witty, egotistical, sexy…husband.

Up until now, unearthing even a boyfriend had seemed impossible. Yet, a few martinis with Connor and she's gone from first meeting to marriage in one night.

Megan wants a lawyer. However, Connor has a surprise for her… he doesn’t want a divorce.

Product Details

Waking Up Married:
The main protagonists of Waking Up Married, although not entirely believable, are agreeable. The wit in the story is dry and well-presented, the passion believable. Waking Up Married is not a long novel so things are perhaps not as thoroughly developed as some stories. But having said that this is an undemanding and  enjoyable read.

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