Saturday, 8 February 2014

Kindle Romances: Fractured by Dani Atkins

Kindle Romances

Title     - Fractured
Author - Dani Atkins
Stars   -  4

The accident altered everything. Five years after, Rachel's life is fragmenting. She lives by herself in a small apartment, is employed in a job with no prospects, wretched with remorse over her friend's death. She would give anything to turn back the clock, however, life doesn't work like that... Does it?

The accident was a blessed escape. Five years after, Rachel's life is picture-perfect. She has a brilliant fiancĂ©, a devoted family, friends surround her, and holds down the profession she always dreamed of. However, Rachel can’t rid herself of recollections of a very separate life.

Fractured is an excellent book, an exceptional premise, and a plot that is well devised and executed. The storyline keeps you speculating right to the poignant end. If you’re looking for a captivating, unusual read, something different to the usual, then this is the book for you.

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