Saturday, 25 August 2012

Married By Mistake

Kindle Romance

Author - Abby Gaines
Title     - Married By Mistake
Stars   - 4

Married By Mistake:
 Casey is jilted by her fiancĂ© on live TV, but the show is not over yet, because one of Memphis's most available bachelors marches in to marry her instead.

The intention of millionaire businessman Adam is to help Casey save face. He has no idea that their "fake" wedding is actually legal and binding, and that he really IS married to her.

While they anxiously wait for an annulment, the attention they receive from media and family obliges them to put on a courteous loving-couple facade. The only trouble is, neither one is quite sure who is acting.

 Product Details
Married By Mistake is a pleasing and imaginative story line. Casey's giving nature is perhaps a little over the top, but maybe pressure from family members and media can do that to an easy target.

In the end, Casey did grow a certain resilience which made Married By Mistake quite an enjoyable read

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