Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Kindle Romances: Big Sexy Love

Kindle Romances

Title: Big Sexy Love
Author: Kirsty Greenwood
Stars: 5

Big Sexy Love

Big Sexy Love is about Olive, who really doesn’t like change. She lives in a small town, has a routine life, is satisfied with her job, and not particularly bothered about men. It’s just how she likes things, no hassle.
The problem is, her best friend is dying, and wants Olive to find her one-time lover before it is too late. However, the fella is somewhere in New York, and Olive has never once left home.
Can Olive conquer her dread of change, and forsake her safe, humble life, to execute her friend's dying request?

Big Sexy Love is a romance full of uncontrollable buoyancy and hope, with a sexual tension and friendship you'll never forget. It is a touching read but is sure to engender all kinds of emotions.

Be prepared to be both sad, and to laugh aloud at this romantic comedy. It is a joy to read, quite brilliant.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Kindle Romances: My Husband's Wives

Kindle Romances

Title: My Husband's Wives
Author: Faith Hogan
Stars: 4

My Husband's Wives:
My Husband's Wives follows the lives of several women who are connected, one way or another, to Paul.
The story traces, how they meet Paul and how he affects their lives and in due course, how they respond to each other.

My Husband's Wives is an interesting story - with sufficient sub-plots to keep you engaged, and what could easily turn into loose ends, are tied before the final page.

It is written with good characterisation and makes a captivating read. If you enjoy a tale about extended families then this could be the book for you.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Kindle Romances - Hot Property by Susanne O'Leary

Kindle Romances

Title     - Hot Property
Author - Susanne O'Leary
Stars    - 4

Hot Property: 
Megan inherits a house on the Atlantic coast of Ireland. She fancies it will be a quixotic refuge where she can get over her divorce. However, the place requires an injection of cash to restore, and she decides to sell. It should have been an easy matter, except for the discovery of a family scandal and a love affair with both the beautiful landscape. Propelled into country life, the less glamorous side of farming, and a handsome Irish neighbour, she also has to deal with a conspiracy to make her leave.

Hot Property

This is an uplifting story with engaging characters and believable dialogue, set in one of Irelands most picturesque places. The descriptions make you feel you are on the Irish coast with them.
Well worth a read.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Kindle Romances: Away From Him by Kaelyn Swan

Kindle Romances

Title     - Away From Him
Author - Kaelyn Swan
Stars    - 4

Away From Him:

Billy spends time with offenders that most would be nauseated by.
Melanie searches for good in Billy, and reveals a bond between them that neither comprehends. Melanie believes things happen for a reason; Billy thinks the world is out to get him.

When Melanie sees him at his worst, her image of him is devastated. His conduct makes her question whether she can tolerate him in her life. Is their bond strong enough to survive or will their relationship be destroyed?
Away From Him

From the start, there is chemistry between Billy and Melanie and it's easy to empathise with them and understand their fascination. The story does contain steamy scenes, but they are not excessively graphic.

The plot advances in a rational way and flows well making an easy read. The dialogue is realistic and the characters sympathetic. Overall, Away From Him is an enjoyable read.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Kindle Romances: The Collector by Nora Roberts

Kindle Romances

Title     - The Collector
Author - Nora Roberts
Stars    - 5

The Collector:
When Lila is eyewitness to a murder from her house-sitting job, her life turns upside down. The lady who shuns permanent relationships finds herself almost coveting one.

Ashton knows his brother isn’t violent. He enlists Lila, to help him uncover what really happened. Ash, an artist, aches to paint her as much as he wants to hold her. However, their inquiry introduces them to a fraternity where antiques are bought, and stolen, and where a craving can become a lethal fixation.

Although a catastrophe throws them together, Lila and Ash unexpectedly discover each other. Their relationship is charming and amusing – the repartee and twists slip into a love story that is definitively Nora Roberts. The Collector is a book that you will probably read cover to cover without putting down. A master writer.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Kindle Romances: Honeymoon For One by Chris Keniston

Kindle Romances

Title      - Honeymoon For One
Author - Chris Keniston
Stars    - 4

Honeymoon For One:
To avoid local tittle-tattle, jilted bride Michelle boards her honeymoon cruise alone. On board, and charmed by a man she doesn’t imagine she will see again, she sheds her respectable girl image, to try to enjoy life and shrug off her recent rejection.
However, what happens on a cruise doesn't necessarily remain there. Her unexciting no-nonsense life back home is unexpectedly overturned when the specialist hired to rationalise her company turns out to be her cruise-ship affair.

Honeymoon For One

Honeymoon For One is a fairly quick read, and the plot is perhaps something that you might expect in a RomCom movie. The characters, however, are likeable, believable people, and the plot moves rapidly, so all in all it keeps you turning the pages.

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Kindle Romances: Bender by Stacy Borel

Kindle Romances

Title     - Bender
Author - Stacy Borel
Stars    - 4

Keegan needed a roommate who was discreet, unobtrusive, and who would promptly pay their share of the rent. Unfortunately Camden Brooks doesn’t slot into this description.
Camden, wicked body, sarcastic tongue, and unable to keep out of Keegan’s space, doesn’t seem able to control his curiosity in the girl who won’t tolerate his assertive behaviour.

Feelings are unbridled, sexual tension thick, and both find it difficult to let go.
Bender (The Core Four, #1)

The story is enjoyable and the drama interesting. Camden seems a lurch at the beginning but he somehow wins you over. Minor characters are funny and entertaining, dialogue realistic.

Bender is a light, entertaining read. Fun and froth - a young adult story.

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