Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Kindle Romances: Big Sexy Love

Kindle Romances

Title: Big Sexy Love
Author: Kirsty Greenwood
Stars: 5

Big Sexy Love

Big Sexy Love is about Olive, who really doesn’t like change. She lives in a small town, has a routine life, is satisfied with her job, and not particularly bothered about men. It’s just how she likes things, no hassle.
The problem is, her best friend is dying, and wants Olive to find her one-time lover before it is too late. However, the fella is somewhere in New York, and Olive has never once left home.
Can Olive conquer her dread of change, and forsake her safe, humble life, to execute her friend's dying request?

Big Sexy Love is a romance full of uncontrollable buoyancy and hope, with a sexual tension and friendship you'll never forget. It is a touching read but is sure to engender all kinds of emotions.

Be prepared to be both sad, and to laugh aloud at this romantic comedy. It is a joy to read, quite brilliant.

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